The Mission

With our yearly “Rock the Boat” event we hope to turn the tide by raising Pancreatic Cancer awareness, supporting patient services and funding continued research!

Where does the money go?

Our charity benefactors are carefully considered based on their mission to provide services, support for people care and continued research for a cure.

Who are we?

Because We Can Inc is a non-profit company established to support grass root efforts to assist in fundraising for charities. We want to continue our goal of shining a light on charity’s that support people! We help raise awareness in the community while utilizing our team and skills to assist with fundraising.

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I am the oldest of 5 and have spent my career in the Information Technology field. I have spent most of my life fixing things that is what I do. Although once in a while, something happens that is very hard to fix. When Cancer decides to pick your family, you go through many emotions. There is shock, fear, helplessness, sadness, hope and then you do whatever you can to help!

Like Mr. Rogers famously said in times of crisis, “Look for the Helpers” I decided that I want to be on that kind of team! But we needed a team and Because We Can Inc. was born as a result. This company is managed by a group of people that take action when things get tough. I just can’t give up that is my superpower.



I come from a very loving family who always gave back to the community. I am so blessed for my loving wife, children, step family and my adorable grandson. I was taught by my parents that God and family always comes first. I am a recent OPG retiree. Pancreatic cancer was something that was outside of my family and friend’s circle. I didn’t know anyone with it. It would be just something I read about. In the last 5 years it seems to be all around. I have lost a very good friend and my loving sister to the ugly disease and know several people fighting it. I am also fortunate to know a great person who is a survivor. This is the person who gives me hope! We can make a difference! There is a chance! We can win this battle! I want to give back to the community. It is so easy for us to sit back and accept what happens and to say it is all part of life. But… I don’t want to do that!!! I want to be part of the team that believes we can change this!!! We can make a difference!!! That is the only way things change!


I am the original "Pink"! I am a two time Cancer survivor, Mother of 2 and Grandma to 8. I am retired 6 years from a long term care facility. I am also a member of the Women's Auxiliary and Golf in a retired womens league. I have been happily married for many years. I come from a military family with 3 brothers, we are a family of service both professionally and voluntarily. For the last two years I have volunteered at the Royal Canadian Legion. I also spend some time visiting vets in long term care. Surviving Cancer gives you a unique gift to experience life with gratitude and as a blessing. You also get a unique understanding of what someone goes through with a diagnosis. I lost my Grandmother to Pancreatic Cancer. This disease has touched my life deeply and personally. I know what it means to make every second count. I love people and life!

"People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But People will never forget how you made them feel" ~Maya Angelou~